Forms is the market-leading e-forms solution for the public sector.

Flexible, intuitive workflow and integration tools enable the complete automation and administration of internal processes and citizen services. With Forms, channel shift has never been easier, faster or better.

Over 150 UK councils rely on our Platform!

Firmstep is a leader in helping local government to build and deliver better services.


Forms’ unique configuration makes it easy for you to:

  • Quickly create multi-page forms and intuitive workflow. The logical and graphical design screens guide you through the process so no coding skills are required.

  • Fully automate the administration and delivery of services using the powerful workflow and integration tools that unite the customer experience with back-office processes.

  • Seamlessly link your online payments, CMS and CRM third-party systems to create a truly end-to-end experience for customers.

  • Meet Section 508/WAA accessibility standards from day one.

  • Hold data securely.

  • Achieve significant efficiency savings for both you and your customers

Firmstep’s Forms in action

North Kesteven Council needed just four weeks to establish an online application and payment system for citizens who wanted to subscribe to its new Garden Waste Collection Service. Using Forms, the council:

  • Received 52% of applications online.

  • Generated a service income of £625,000.

  • Avoided costs associated with additional response handling.

Following the success of the service, North Kesteven Council plans to extend its use of Forms to facilitate channel shift in other key services, beginning with the collection of bulk waste.

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